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The Maison Boucheron and its vast love that cannot be contained

In 1893 Frederic Boucheron was the first great jeweler to open a boutique in Place Vendome. In 2018, Maison Boucheron has been celebrating 160 years of design and creation. The oldest jewelry Masion in Place Vendôme it's famous throughout the world for its bold, free style that conquered women's hearts by offering ever more creative jewelry set with characterful stones.

Being on Bond street in London and in front of Boucheron, my heart was pounding and felt like a little girl in front of her doll dream house.

Entering the doormen smiled and the kindest person came to greet me, her name is Joanna. One of the most passionate and knowledgeable persons that I found in jewellery shops. She introduced me to Boucheron family maintaining the core values of the big Mansion and constantly showing excellence.

Looking around and seeing all my favorite iconic collections was a feast for my eyes and heart !

I didn’t know where to start from, therefore Joanna took me around the boutique and explained every collection and piece impressing me every single time.

Our first stop was at Plume de Paon as its on of my favorite emblematic designs

The peacock feather has been at the heart of Boucheron’s creations and archives since almost 160 years. Inspired by the ethereal grace of the “peacock feather”, Frédéric Boucheron created the famous “Point d’Interrogation” necklace in 1883 – the first of a long line. Since then, the Maison’s high jewelry collections have regularly featured new takes on this stunning feather imagined by the design studio headed up by Claire Choisne.

Jack the Boucheron

Showcased where the iconic long station neckless are this collection reinvents how jewellery is worn giving free rein to the woman who wears it. Jack can be mixed , interlinked, added to, worn together and transformed. This gold wire it’s not just a bracelet, or a necklace, it does not fit into one category and it pushes you to think outside the box. The clasp on a station neckless or cables are creating this unique long wires.It is playful and emancipated.

With this collection everything is possible use your creativity and Play!

Architecture collection

For art Deco lovers this is a spectacle of geometric perfection of design and purity. Boucheron has always demonstrated a passion for abstraction. For nearly 160 years, Boucheron's inclination for correct proportions, noble structures and majestic forms has influenced the artistic creation of its jewelry. Inspiration for this collection is Place Vendome and its architectural beauty.

A Collection of Animals

This collection redirects me in “The Jungle Book” with its fantastic colors and energy.

Imagine a fantasy jungle full of panthers, birds, lion cubs, parrots that are coming alive to respond to your protection, your desires and to enchant your eyes with their multicolored envelop. Those rainbow colors are the reflections of so many vivid gemstones.

What I love about the structure of this pieces is that the settings are very high and can transpose you in a virtual reality, as you would have two parrots on a branch living on your finger.

"NURI" The Parrot Ring

Tsavorites are one of my favorite greens and adding up some coloured sapphires makes the dish even more appealing. "Nuri" means parrot in Indonesian is a cockatoo with magnificent plumage all transposed into a fabulous colored adornment.

Animals symbolize virtues, character traits, or values. They become totems when mounted on a ring, a necklace, a brooch or earrings. Set with emeralds or sapphires by Boucheron’s gifted artisans, animals become precious and exclusive companions. Hummingbird or wolf, polar bear or white swan: over 20 different species fill the bestiary of the Collection of Animals.


This collection remains a beacon of the French excellence in Jewellery. Crafting at 26 Place Vendome has unprecedented quality and virtue combining ancestral crafts and modernity.

This pieces are recognized by their size and the quality of their diamonds and will symbolize the power of love between two beings.



The only place in the world where this ring was displayed it was here in London and my hands touched it with so much delicacy and gratitude. The ring felt so heavy on my finger and so light as the power of that diamond had changed the lightening in the room and has changed my soul. The many facets of impeccable diamonds give the ILLUSION of one huge diamond with flashes of solar light coming out but in fact the facets are arranged in a way that this spectacle can be seen by the observer.

I urge you to discover the world of Boucheron and let yourself fly within the precious sphere where you will create an entire different perspective for high end jewellery.

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