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The discovery of Yellow Emeralds

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

"The story of Emeryl an exotic natural gem"

A group of American gemologists were invited down to visit the Belmount Mine in Mineas Grais Brazil.Belmount is not only the largest green Emerald mine in Brazil but is also produces the highest quality. After several days of touring the gemologists had the opportunity to visit another local mine that has been bringing a new miraculous gem on the surface. Patrick T. Coughlin who is the founder and the creator of Emeryl was one of those brave gemologists that was decending 1200 ft deep in a dug shaft to find the most beautiful Beryl that changed his life. He was there with his wife Marga , a beautiful kind person that was so concerned of him going down in the mines. I remember so vividly when Patrick was presenting the stone in June 2017 on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and Marga standing next to him. The story was so impressive, he was recollecting events as we were all there in the mines, in Brazil, reliving that unique moment. Unexpectedly instead of green emeralds they found ”Yellow emeralds” that has traces of ferrous iron which causes the natural golden yellow

hue instead of the emerald green.

The 4 c's of Emeryl Gemstones (Premium Golden Heliodor)

Cut: Emeryl gemstones are all cut by hand in Brazil by skilled craftspeople, skilled as surgeons who perfectly place 70 facets, then complete the process with a diamond polish to give each and every facet a mirror-like finish.

Clarity: Emeryl gemstones are all eye-clean. Grading of each gemstone is similar to the GIA grading system used for diamonds. Emeryl mining company is the only colored gemstone company to use diamond clarity grades due to the fact Emeryl is proud to offer the highest clarity available.

Color: Emeryl gemstones are extremely vibrant regardless of tone. There are twelve (12) color choices ranging from moderate yellow to deep gold. Most are yellowish-green with flashes of gold, yellow, and green rays when viewed in ultraviolet light (sunlight).

Cost: Emeryl gemstones are extremely rare but are only 1/10th the price of a similar quality yellow sapphire. Although they have a similar appearance to a fancy canary yellow diamond, when you compare them , they are 1/100th of the price making the gemstones extremely affordable.

Cruise ships and Emery collection

President and founder of Emerly, Patrick T. Coughlin shares with us some insights about his collaboration with the fantastic cruise industry.

“We are only able to produce several hundred carats a month of Emeryl, so trying to market these rare gemstones to 20,000 jewelers across the United States would not work. The supply would not be enough for jewelers to be able to sell enough, to promote the brand Emeryl. There are approximately 170 cruise ships worldwide and we are able to load Emeryl on only a few a week or as many as a dozen ships. This gives us the ability to control our product supply in such a way that it helps with the mine production. When we have a strong month of production, we add more ships, when our production reduces, so does the number of ships we supply. It's been a great opportunity for the cruise lines to offer a unique gemstone to their passengers which is not available in their local jewelry store."

On 1 December 2010 a big debut in the cruise ships industry it was registered to make history.

The maiden voyage of one of biggest ships in Royal Caribbean fleet named ‘Allure of the seas’ with a length of 362 m, 18 total decks and capacity of 5,484 passengers and 2,200 crew members, began its trip from Miami Fl.

The exclusive collection of Yellow emeralds attracted many viewers and the namesake jewellery brand started to flow on the buoyant city.

The Golden Egg

The effervescent golden gemstone weights 147 ct and has an oval classical cut. The facets were cut by hand in a long process of 6 months and its current value is appreciated at $1 million. Its first journey was on Ms Noordam cruise ship, which is a member of Holland America Line's Vista class; here the guests were able to hold the gem and take pictures being the only time when the ‘Golden Egg’ was out of its glass showcase. Cruising it has its privileges, you get too observe some unique and exclusive gem collections in a secure environment. The gold-coloured oval made its way to the bridge to meet the Captain on MS Noordam ship. The ship was christened on February 22, 2006, in New York City with a Capacity of 1,916 passengers and Length: 285 m Noordam was sailing in the Mediterranean waters.

The famous Golden Egg was on tour throughout the Holland America fleet in 2011 and then offered to Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC by Patrick Coughlin , Coughlin Jewelers.

My deepest appreciation for the brand

Transparency of the product and history! That was the part that fascinated me when Patrick was talking about this great gem!

Patrick created a detailed booklet where every single loose gem or piece of jewellery has its own story, details about provenance, gemological structure and grading numbers. Knowing when your gem was discovered, where it comes from and how was cut makes it all special, on top of the rarity of a golden beryl.

I met Marga & Patrick on a Royal Caribbean ship they had their collection next to mine, in the fine jewellery store. I was impressed with their collection but most of all I was awed by their kind personality and humble spirit. I remember like it was yesterday when ‘Emeryl’ had its first presentation in the Vintage Wine bar on the Royal Promenade next to Regalia Fine Jewellery shop where our collections were nicely displayed. Patrick took the microphone and said ‘" I am not a speaker but I ll try to present to you the real facts of a new fantastic discovery in the jewellery field that reached its apogee when I was creating ‘Emeryl’ brand.”

He was telling stories how he went down in the mine in Brazil to a depth of 1200 ft and how much his passion, expertise and dedication have brought him from St. Clair Michigan (right across Canada territory) to this marvelous Mineas Grais to make the discovery of a lifetime.

Every day we were meeting for dinner and lunch sharing stories. I recall one day Marga & Patrick had a very interested client that wanted to make a very big purchase of a yellow emerald set. It took the entire cruise to finalized that sale but the guests have been treated like family. They were invited by Patrick to restaurants, bars and enjoying so much time on the cruise together, at the end of the voyage the connection was established and they left home with the beautiful Yellow Emerald set. A piece of Emeryl into your life creates a story that you’ll never forget.

If you are in love yellow colors, green Emerald and Alexandrites you’ll find it all in Emeryl collection. For more details you can contact me or the brand itself and we will help you to find your solar Emeryl piece.

Be aware that soon the Emeryl site is going to have hundreds of jewellery models, online for you too see!

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