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Tête-à-tête with Cuellar Design

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Cuellar design is a Spanish brand founded in 2007 by Maykel G. Cuéllar an artist, sculptor, designer and he has Hispanic Cuban origin. so can you imagine such a powerful Latin influence. Mykel is a creator of magnificent jewels - true artworks. The name Cuellar is of Spanish origin and means "mine". pronounce cueia.

Bold Beauty Expression

Maykel creates pieces with important large sizes and he only uses stones of incredible beauty and quality. his work can be tempting for jewelry amateurs and also for art lovers’ collectors.

his hispano-cuban heritage stands is showing us the infinite love that he has for nature.

My first discution was with the innovative Vasiliy Torres CEO of Cuellar , he is operating everything from office and the most beautiful private showroom in Aventura, Florida. he was very close to Mykel since the beginning.

Vasiliy was telling me the story of early beginnings when they met in Russia where Maykel was very renowned for his incredible designs. Vasiliy received a custom order from a client and he was advised to reached out to the talented Maykel, whom surprisingly was Cuban as well ! Since that moment they became very close friends and they left Russia to search for greater opportunities in European and American cities. A different jewllery style allured them into the west world and other type of designs emerged from their creative minds. Mykel came to the bright animated Spain , knowing the language would've been easier for him here. He set up his design atelier in Alicante and started to produce the most intricate, bold and extravagant jewels.

Clásica Cuéllar line

Maykel decided to shape his originality based on his own style of design, creating jewels of considerable size, with gems of incredible beauty striking colors and great quality also a high quality of goldsmith work. Peculiar but classic elements are always present in each of his jewels as it was noticed the high demand of our Clásica Cuéllar line ! This particular line is inspired by Art Deco period and it contains geometrical forms and straight lines.

The source of the gems is Thailand but how they arrived here it was a fantastic journey. They were looking for a special tanzanite with impressive size and great color saturation and Maikel went to Tanzania in research for the perfect stone. He couldn't find the stone that he had envisioned for the creation of a special jewel that he was commissioned for. Life surprisingly send them to one place just to make their pilgrimage to another sacred place. Maykal found his sacred place full of amazing colored gems and this place was Thailand. Since that day this Bangkok became the main source for his intricate designs.

The most interesting process that I found within the Cuellar story is the Recrystallized Colombian Emerald!

A Recrystallized gem its made by miraculous technique that unfolds an unexpected beauty. The emerald its created by fusing together chips or small natural emeralds. This reconstruction converts lower-grade natural emerald into high-quality emerald with specific beautiful inclusions, the same impurities that occur in a natural gemstone in about the same amounts. The recrystallization makes it also gemstone economically viable and more affordable. Large cocktail ring lovers could own one for a lower price.

The next line of creation for Cuellar Design called Prestige Collection

One of my favorite pices from this collection is the combo shell ring how did you create this ?

Vasiliy : " To create this piece it's a very elaborate and complex process. Everyone involved has to wear a special equipment and cover all surfaces because the dust of that shell is spreading like stardust. To obtain this marvelous delicate design, we have to polish the shell in a certain way, with close attention and protection, it is a very difficult process."

The lacy appearance of this beautiful dragonfly was that made to resemble the silhouette of a real insect that flies as it moves. The tale and the wings are a made with a moving mechanism and the creation of this intricate and delicate design was made only with a strong collaboration between Vaisily and Maykel.

The beautiful art Nouveau designs with baroque pearls are some of the most unique.

The eclectic style of these pieces are formed by a combination of pearls and they bring to the surface different stories and different natural wonders.

Keep an eye for the next article about CUELLAR DESIGN as it will be coming straight from Maykel G. Cuéllar and we will unveil some other secrets.

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