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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

This year it's all about color and color! Silver and sunshine yellows will be the prevailing colors. Chains, overlaying necklaces, and miss-matched earrings are still in trend for this season! Stack and mix-and-match are again in the spotlight and we can intensely use these fashion adornment techniques. Multi-wear pieces have their appealing sense as you can convert your jewel and wear it differently. Bubble-gum studs and charms will reintroduce this flavor for the summer of 2021. Beach Beads are the 'go for' this hoped summer holiday and layering those with chains creates an appealing look.


Neon color is back at your neckline (Chanel, Versace) or the ear (Valentino). Chokers were the length of choice.


The season's game involves mismatched earrings and complementing colors. (Valentino and Dua Lipa wearing Bea Bongiasca)

Dua Lipa miss-matched earrings


We have our hopes up for this summer and we complement our beach looks with beaded necklaces and lay them with metal chains to obtain a fresh look.

(Jason Wu, Versace, Ani Lou)


Pomellato was always the king of color. Rabolini’s prêt-à-porter approach to jewelry caught on in Nudo 2021 jewels that celebrate a woman’s uniqueness.

As Pomellato’s most iconic design, Nudo pieces are immediately recognizable, with no-prong ‘naked’ gemstones in a rainbow of colors. A special cut of gems it's their signature that sends you back to a Georgian and Victorian era when used the rose cut.

The copyrighted 'nude' jewels, the brand's most recognizable design, are available in a variety of dazzling colors, ready to stack and mix-and-match.


The beauty of the perfectly imperfect

Innovation, creativity, and sustainability are conceived as a foundation for Pomellato, this collection, elevates to another frequency. The ancient Japanese art repairing technique of kintsugi uses gold resin to fuse shattered pieces of porcelain. The technique is used to lovingly mend broken jet (ancient fossilized wood) and kogolong (a volcanic stone) and in doing so, transforms what once would have been discarded into a jewel of flawed soulful beauty. The pursuit of an artificially perfect ideal allows for a greater understanding of man's complicated connection with nature. Gold finds its way into the very fissures of the stones in this intriguing yet harmonious new relationship with the natural world.

‘Broken’ gems with special gold-dust lacquer, Pomellato innovates a form of upcycling and the ultimate in sustainability. Using 100% Fair mined gold to create #KintsugiCollection pieces, eco-conscious Pomellato is proud to transform ‘unusable’ stones into ones that are somehow even more precious, and one-of-a-kind.


(Pomellato and Tods chains)

The chain link necklace or bracelet continues to be important for 2021, layering at various lengths, or using a singular big and bold chain.

They can complement a messy chic look for street fashion but they can create a delicate fancy image with more subtle layered ones.


Squashy accessories are full of color good vibes and childish style

They are using vibrant enamel to form winding rings that resemble sweet cadies.

Instead of sugar, candies, and cupcakes, the ingredients used to make these confections are much more everlasting and have fewer calories.

Bubble gum candies and gelato that's all that comes to mind when you are wearing these phantasy jewels.


Designer of Alison Lou, a fine jewelry brand based in New York City inspired by the deceptive simplicity of modern communication and beyond.

Using rainbow colors and my favorite enamel accents she created unique jewels that send you back to childhood. The 'Mama Mia' collection is full of vitality and is inspired by Italian pasta or "gelato."


Maison Boucheron's latest high jewelry collection was inspired by the Art Deco period archives, which date from the 1920s to the 1940s, and features jewels suitable for the modern era. Art deco it's a style that it’s always contemporary.

Boucheron was a pioneer of this movement and was the most awarded jeweler during this period.

Women freed themselves from conventions expressed through their style and wear short hair and men’s clothes and reinforced their femininity

it was all about the attitude I love the extravagance of those years.

Purity, focus antagonism of art deco pure lines opulent design black and white with a touch of color masculine and feminine.

Multi-wear pieces wear these pieces in any way you want!

Cravate Emeraude

This 'Tie' is borrowed from the masculine word rope for women and men. The dark edges like an optical illusion are sending the focus on the central stone the emerald. The central element can be worn alone as a brooch and the entire necklace can be worn as short or long with or without the central piece.

Ribbon diamond

Chevron pattern, iconic of Art Déco this piece is so flexible as it can be worn in 4 different ways!

A belt, a headband, a choker, or even two genderless bracelets can all be used.

Then we have exabit here a pure bow-tie, enhanced by the black and white contrast. In keeping with Boucheron's multi-wear history, Claire Choisne turned it into a brooch, a bow tie, or even a ring. We should not forget that the bow tie it’s an art deco icon and so modern.

The Emerald Plastron is made up of 1000 carats of emerald beads and was inspired by a special order necklace from the Maharaja of Patiala to Jacques Cartier in 1928. The necklace was a sign of power at the time since costly jewelry was worn for this reason.

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