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Jewellery on the ocean

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

High end jewellery brands are invited on board on different cruise ships around the world for a short term with an exclusive trunk show collection, one of those brands is Paragon Couture from New York City - USA.

Paragon Couture based in NEW YORK CITY and founded in1979 by the

and innovative Robert D Zadeh, has been designing distinctive and vibrant jewelry. Paragon Couture creates simple and intricate designs using diamonds and colored gemstones and it prides itself with the quality and workmanship. Paragon couture is about creation of love, meticulous stylish and it displays passion and unique designs.

When Robert first started,in his small atelier he wanted to share his passion and make unique deigns. After his graduation of University he finds his passion in an old store visiting one of his relatives where he went to take some old family photos. There, the elderly gentleman, a distinguished jeweller had several gemstones and an elaborate sketch of dazzling jewellry pieces lying on a white pad over his desk. In that moment Robert was amazed and within a month he had set up an workshop designing and handcrafting. He let his imagination and passion to dictate his hands.

Allure Collection

Allure collection lunched in 1986 contains all kinds of precious gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds sapphires, periods, citrine, amethyst, blue topaz, aquamarine, chrome tourmaline,colored diamonds and the most extravagant gems Alexandrite and Tanzanite. This collection has a bold style and unequal elegance that allows endless mixing and matching.

"Chocolate served with champagne on the floating cities"

Using brown diamonds and champagne diamonds settled in 14 k or 18 k rose gold it creates a warm breeze with an elegant paler motif. Chocolate and champagne diamonds were always sought after by the pinnacle club guests as they were enjoying constant cursing and they were looking for simplicity that matches any outfit.

The second day of the cruise was always a formal night and the Captain's welcome on-board party. All the guest were displaying their formal attires , ladies with elegant gowns and gentlemen with their tuxedos were going to enjoy the shows performed in the theater as they were having two dinner options at 6 pm or 8 pm. Elegant and refined ladies would prefer champagne diamonds on their fingers to be able to match with their diaphanous dresses.

The second night of a Nordic cruise on P&O Aurora starting from Southampton it was the night that I met Michelle. She was a natural delicate blonde in her mid 40's. As she came in the jewellery shop to attend my exclusive gemstone seminar and drink a glass of bubbly she expressed her desire for one of the chocolate diamonds rings.A beautiful classical ring with a 1,74 ct cushion cut brown diamond as a central stone with a halo of white diamonds with a total of 0,45 ct.

She reveled to me that she was ones in charge of a jewellery store in the UK and it was very hard but beautiful. She has been retired from the industry but the love and appreciation for gems a good quality jewellery remains forever. She was a sparkle between all those diamonds, so insightful and a pleasant presence. She wanted the ring but she was just at the beginning of her vacation therefore she was so uncertain. I immediately recognized the desire and I said : " Take this with you for this formal night, go and take pictures with your husband and enjoy a wonderful dinner. I want you to enjoy tonight without thinking about tomorrow!"


She never took it off her finger again !


Paragon Couture Group’s namesake brands are showcased by over 600 of the most prestigious jewelry stores around the world and the ship collection is exclusively made for the cruising industry!

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