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Let's discover V&A Hidden Treasures

One fabulous day at the V&A was a dream come true.

In May 1899, Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the newly named Victoria & Albert Museum, and proclaimed.

"I trust it will remain for ages a monument of discerning liberty and a source of refinement and progress"

Japan exhibition court is one of my favorite as I have always been in love Japanese designs, culture, patters, their inspirational perception of life and education.

When I entered to this fantastic journey I felt I went back to Japan, it had that calmness and beauty with majestic Japanese objects and overflowing color.

One of my favorite was this Japanese blue circle enamel found here thanks to the generosity of Edwin Davis. There are many intricated designs in this wheel of fortune.

The Figure of an The Elephant it's a porcelain Arita. You can find Arita porcelain creations as functional dishes, bowls and jars and as decorative pieces made in forms of humans, animals and mythical beasts.

The Jewellery Court a definite marvel

The first things that attracts your eye is the circular infinite of colored gemstones. The way they are arranged it's creating such a feast for the eye. Different colors are in gradients depending by tones and saturation starting with light colors and reaching strong ones. It looks like the labyrinth from Alice in Wonderland with gemstones.

The next big discovery that I made here was the famous ring that i have previously wrote about. The one and only......Beyoncé’s butterfly Ring by Glen Spiro. I was extremely happy to admire this masterpiece.

One of those happy moments that make you grateful for all experiences and for the love and appreciation of these beautiful art. The ring is flying on your hands as it is built with a special movement and it sparkles incredibly.

The next incredible piece found here is Queen Victoria’s coronet design by Prince Albert for his loved wife. This is one of the most important jewel worn by a young queen.

The coronet is articulated so Victoria could wear it either as a closed circle or opened up at the back as it is displayed here.

This sapphire and diamond coronet was worn by Victoria in public to Winsor on 6 February 1866 while she was in grief of her husband. She was “terrible nervous and agitated”

I just feel in love with the delicate coronet as its size its small and delicate, it looked so youthful and fresh , the color of the sapphires ocean blue

The coronet was acquired by the V&A in 2017, purchased through the generosity of William & Judith, and Douglas and James Bollinger as a gift to the Nation and the Commonwealth.

My always favorite jewel accessories are the tiny and glamourous VANITY CASES,I just love them I'll change my purse for one of those in no time.

Onyx, Lapis lazuli , Moonstones, turquoise, carved jadeite and jade, cabochon rubies, pearls, sapphires, Some of those have a mirror lid, powder, rouge compartment and sprung lipstick holder decorating the interior.

Cartier, Van Cleaf & Arples, Strauss Alard & Meyer, Jouliette Moutard.

Etui, gold enameled cases were other little beauties on display.

In the sparkle court you can discover the beauty of many other jewels.

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