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Hi, I’m Flavia the creator of Jewellery Talk and Passion for Gems. Previously Trunk Show host and Brand Ambassador for several jewelry manufacturing companies from New York City and Miami. Representing them on cruise ships and creating events onboard paved the way for the idea of creating today's endeavor. In 2019, as the pandemic spread, I began my career as a content and freelance writer. For new jewelry or gemstone brands, I got the notion to provide brand consulting, develop SEO product descriptions and content. Therefore, if you want to produce more for your jewelry brand to attract more customers, improve your jewelry educational page and boost your digital marketing, I would be more than delighted to work with you. I love writing about jewelry and learning about core values and future expectations of a brand.

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My mission is to help you to express the core values of your jewelry brand through creative writing for your blog, website, and social media, engaging product descriptions, marketing campaigns, and ideas/copywriting for educational jewelry videos.

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I understand perfectly a brand’s identity and using my passion and expertise I can tailor the best image on social media for your targeted public.

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