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Hi, I’m Flavia the creator of Jewellery Talk and passion for gems. Previously trunk show host and brand ambassador for several jewelry manufacturing companies from NYC. Representing them on cruise ships and creating events onboard paved the way for the idea of creating today's endeavor. I became a content and freelance writer in 2019 but as the pandemic started i become more involved in this area. I got this idea of brand consultancy and creating online talk shows, seminars and auction for each brand that I feel close to and I appreciate. I love writing about jewelry and discovering core values and future expectations of a brand so if you want to create more for your jewelry brand I would be more then happy to collaborate with you. 

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My mission is to help you to express the core values of your jewelry brand through creative writing for your blog, website, social media, engaging product description, marketing campaigns, jewelry videos, visual content, and most of all with seminars, auctions, and talk shows."

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I understand perfectly a brand’s identity and using my passion and expertise I can tailor the best image on social media for your targeted public.

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