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If you Love what you do, you will never

     Working and traveling on cruise liners sparked my interest in stones and jewelry.
Escaping a regular life and working on a cruise was the first step in discovering myself and the adventure of gemstones. Firstly working in retail shops and then following my path of becoming a Brand Ambassador. I began working for many well-known jewelry production enterprises in the United States, where I sold special jewelry collections, gave gemstone presentations, and traveled throughout the world.
I am also a graduate of Applied Jewelry Professional AJP and Design with GIA(Gemological Institute of America)  and have extensive expertise in jewelry retail and jewelry trunk shows (

Stories about notable diamonds and jewelry brands, as well as my brand consultancy portfolio, may be found here. My blog, The Consultancy Project and The Jewelry Talk were formed as my passion grew.
Let's explore the world of jewels and embark on an aquatic journey!



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